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Lincoln-Sudbury Boys Lacrosse

U9 Development Program


Designed for K, 1st  and 2nd grade boys with the goal of teaching the fundamentals of the sport while striving to maximize player enthusiasm and a love for the sport. The U9 program will be “low-key”, emphasizing fun. The U9s will practice 1 or 2 times per week for 1 to 1½ hours. Practices will be structured primarily in a “station format” with all kids receiving equal instruction. Any games will be “small ball”. The benefit of this format is that it will maximize the number of "touches" that each kid has with the ball thereby improving skill development.  LS High School players will participate as coaches throughout the season.

What is “small ball”?


Small ball means that the kids will play on a smaller field (approximately 60 x 35yds) than the regulation fields of 110 x 60yds. This sized field is more appropriate for the younger player’s lungs and the size of the legs. Regardless of the age of the player, small ball is the best way for kids to improve their lacrosse skills. We want to promote catching and throwing and movement; not wind sprints without the ball! On a smaller field, players are closer together, which promotes shorter passes, which in turn promotes easier catches, and thereby facilitates more quality play and enjoyment. In order to accomplish this we need to get away from 25 man rosters and large field play; where playing time is limited and touches on the ball are nearly non-existent. There is also more scoring in small ball by more players, which naturally makes the game more enjoyable and more interesting to learn. There is not a happier and more teachable kid than the one who just scored. With smaller rosters kids will get many opportunities to be on the field and thereby get the quality game touches that help develop their skills, but more importantly their self-esteem. Small ball will produce big results.