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The Town Pride League (TPL) is made up of some the largest and strongest lacrosse towns in Massachusetts. Starting in 5th grade the TPL moves from equal weighted teams to A and B teams.

Why A&B Teams?

It’s the belief of TPL that this format is more inclusive than exclusive for players. It allows players of all abilities to participate at a level that encourages development and allows for achievement.

How are players evaluated?
Players are evaluated on their stick skills, game play and general athleticism. Players are evaluated by coaches that will be with them during the season and by coaches from other teams.

How are teams selected?
Teams are selected based on the evaluations AND input from the prior season’s coaches. We will have a snapshot of the player’s current abilities as well as feedback from the prior season with an emphasis on how coachable a player is and their attitude.

What if my son makes the A team?

Consider it an invitation, one that you should only accept if lacrosse is the #1 priority from April to mid June. Players that are going to miss practices or games due to other sports commitments should not play on the A team (school related absences are acceptable). Please note that playing time might vary from game to game depending on who the team is playing...it might not be equal time every game.

What if my son is on the B team?

In many cases there is a fine line between the players and there will unfortunately be disappointment. The coaches will work with players on areas that need improvement. The major positive of the B team is that it allows those players on the bubble to gain confidence and typically be “the man” on their team.  Finally, what team you play on in your middle school years does not define where you will end up as a player in high school. There will be plenty of B team players that mature at a different rate or put in the hard work to excel in lacrosse later on.