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2022 Wematin Wall Ball Pre-Season Challenge

LS Youth Lacrosse has come up with the 2022 Wematin Wall Ball Pre-Season Challenge. Boys entering grades 5th through 8th are eligible to participate. This is a more demanding challenge than the one this past winter so the boys will need to spend quality time against the wall. As with the prior Challenge - there is a community service aspect. Register with coaches by 2/15/22 if you want to participate & videos due Sunday 3/13/22 @ 9:00pm. You must be a registered Spring 2022 player to be able to participate.

Part 1 - Community Service

Players must perform 3 hrs of community service. This includes giving back to someone, assisting neighbors with clearing snow (plenty this weekend), helping out at the Community Center, food drive – Be creative and pleases take pictures / video or ask those whom you helped to write note with your activity.

Part 2 - Wall Ball 

Players must complete the wall ball skills test for their grade level time.

The wall ball portion will be verified with a video sent to your grade level coordinator, and reps/times will be based on grade.  Each skill will have a rep count that needs to be completed before moving on to the next skill.  All reps need to be completed within the time limit per grade and in the order described.  Cutting or Editing of video will automatically disqualify you from Part 2.  You can drop the ball, however the rep does not count towards your completed reps.  (ie. if you throw the ball off the wall 6 times, catch it 3 times, drop it 1, and then catch it 2 more times, you would have 5 total reps.)

Grade Level Coordinators

5th Grade – Mike Morris: mike.e.morris00@gmail.com

6th Grade – Tom Barber: wematin2028@gmail.com

7th Grade – Tim Dolan: timdolan4@aol.com

8th Grade – Joel Malo: jmalo17@yahoo.com

This is a CHALLENGE and will require a commitment to accomplish. There will be tears, frustration and a desire to give up. Please encourage your son to stay with it and give it their best. The real prize is a development of stick skills that will stay with them longer than their T-shirts or shorts! If you/your son has question please reach out to the GLC. Here is a link to a video with a demo


Wall Ball Video  (2:15 for back hand, 2:43 for Switch in air)

Wematin Wall Ball Video 2021


Strong Hand 1 Cradle 25
Weak Hand 1 Cradle 25
Catch & Split 20
Back Hand Strong 10
Back Hand Weak 10
Switch in the Air 20
Strong Hand Quick Stick 15
Weak Hand Quick Stick 15
One Hand Strong 15
One Hand Weak 15


Qualifying Times
Grade Min / Sec
8th 3:50
7th 4:10
6th 4:50
5th 5:15



Community Service: 2022 Wematin Wall Ball Helmet Sticker

Completed Wall Ball Challenge: Custom Wematin Sniper Skin lacrosse shaft cover

see link: LACROSSE GRIPS | Sniper Skin Sports

GRAND PRIZE: 3 Fastest Qualifying times per Grade will battle it out LIVE at practice – where the fastest player to complete the challenge wins a Custom dyed Wematin Lacrosse stick.