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Mesh Stringing Instructions

1. Mesh Installation

1. Make sure you stretch the piece of mesh thoroughly so you're able to form a good pocket.

2. Prepare the mesh by folding over the first row of holes so that they overlap the second row.

2. Blue Top String

1. With the underside of the head up, lay the mesh in place with the overlap towards you. Tie the first intersection of mesh to the first hole in the head with nylon string as shown in A.

2. Continue to work across the top of the head, tying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th intersections to their corresponding holes in the head. Be sure each loop is pulled tight.

3. Sidewall Laces Installation

1. Start with the underside of the head up, tie sidewall lace through top side hole onto the mesh pocket with a hitch knot. Work down sidewall, looping through sidewall holes attaching the mesh at each mesh hole. Tie off loose end at the last hole. Repeat procedure on other sidewall.

4. Pocket Lace Installation

1. With underside of head still facing up, tie off the mesh at the base of the pocket as shown with the remaining blue string. Attach to the four bottom holes, weaving between mesh and head and tie off at both ends.

5. Shooting Lace Installation

1. With underside of head still facing up, start each shooting lace by looping the lace around the starting loop of sidewall stringing (A), then proceed to twist back across going over and then under the mesh.

2. Tie off in a knot at the starting loop of the sidewall stringing on the opposite side (B). Repeat this procedure for the second shooting lace, and the a third.

6. Finishing Touches

1. Make sure shooting strings are not too tight in mesh or you'll have a "whip" in your stick. Loosen the bottom shooting string(s) to reduce whip.

2. If there is still a whip, tighten the bottom pocket lace to reduce the depth of the pocket.

3. Remember, any strings are limited to a hanging length of 6".

4. Attach the appropriate ball stop for your stick.