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Mesh Types


            There are hundreds of different kinds of mesh out there on the market, but here I am going to just talk about three of the most common mesh types and in my opinion the three best mesh types.



Hard Mesh

            Hard Mesh is the most commonly used mesh at all levels and in my opinion is the best mesh out there. It is hard enough so your stick will throw consistently and when broken in is soft enough so it will hold the ball nicely. You can find hard mesh with a different number of diamonds across it also. The picture on the right shows six diamond hard mesh and the picture on the left shows ten diamond hard mesh. The less diamonds across the better it is for holding the ball in the stick but the worse it is at throwing. Ten diamond is the most common and best size. I reccomend ten diamond to players of all levels.This kind of mesh can be found on www.jimalax.com .


Composite Mesh

            Composite mesh does not hold the ball as well as hard mesh does but it will throw consistently. This mesh is also good for all levels. The main advantage to this type of mesh is that it does not react to rain. You can find this type of mesh at www.stringershack.com .


Marc Mesh

            Marc Mesh holds the ball the best out of all three of these mesh types and also does not react to rain. It does tend to expand a lot though which sometimes results in inconsistent throwing. This type of mesh is only recommended for advanced players. You can find this type of mesh on www.bluecollarlacrosse.com .