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Taking care of Your Stick
            A common mistake that is made is people don’t take proper care of their stick and will end up ruining their pocket. Even a perfectly strung stick will not stay that way without proper care. Here we will tell you how to take care of your stick and how to take care of your stick if it gets wet.
Normal Care
            Make sure that at all times while storing your stick the pocket is pushed out and the mesh is not deformed in any way.  You need to do this because if you store your stick long enough with the mesh messed up, the mesh will harden in whatever shape it happens to form to. Another thing that you should do to take proper care of your stick is to frequently check to make sure all of the shooting strings remain tied.  Over time the strings will start to come untied.  Just make sure that you tie them back up with a basic knot.
After Your Stick Gets Wet
            After your stick gets wet it is absolutely critical that you take proper care of your stick. When your stick dries it will harden in the way that you leave it. So it is very important that you make sure your pocket is pushed out and formed to may you want it. When your stick gets really wet you need to take some of the water out of the mesh that it absorbed. You can do this by crinkling up some news paper and putting it in your stick. This is shown below. The news paper will take some of the water out of your stick and will shrink the pocket back down to its normal depth.