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Mike Levin, Harlem Lacrosse

At Harlem Lacrosse, our high school class of 2023 included 60 graduates. 35 of these students are on their way to participate in college athletics, and 34 will be the first in the family to attend college. Over the past four years, 202 students have graduated as Harlem Lacrosse seniors with 110 participating in college athletics and 120 becoming the first in their family to attend college. These numbers are going to double in the next four years. Harlem Lacrosse alums are attending prestigious institutions including Bates College , Brown UniversityDuke UniversityHaverford CollegeThe Johns Hopkins UniversityUniversity of PennsylvaniaWesleyan University and many others. More than 40 have earned corporate internships at firms like CiscoHPS Investment Partners, LLCSchrodersFortress Investment Group, and Sixth Street. We're at an exciting inflection point and the best part is that the success of our alums is building on itself. As the entire community grows, we can continue to improve and expand the support we are able to provide to the next generation of Harlem Lacrosse participants. We are building a truly virtuous cycle. 

The Harlem Lacrosse alums who’ve just started their college experience this month are near the end of their direct program experience with the organization. Their college matriculation signifies their graduation from most direct service programming offered by Harlem Lacrosse. And just as these incredible young people are graduating our ranks, the start of the school year is also marking crucial milestones for the more than 1200 students who will participate this year.

More than 65 are starting their senior year, laser focused on championship aspirations and fulfilling their dreams after graduation. Harlem Lacrosse staff are busy helping this group finalize school lists, prepare application materials, craft essays and optimize financial aid packages. 

About 150 are entering high school as freshmen, including 30 who have earned placement at an independent school. As these talented and wide eyed students navigate the challenges of a new school and increased academic and athletic expectations, Harlem Lacrosse Program Directors are there with support and guidance, showing students and families how we plan to be there through the next 4 years.

Almost 200 are coming back for just their second year in the program. Having experienced a busy summer of day camp, overnight camp, tournaments, and field trips, they are ready to make the leap from newcomer, to team leader.

And perhaps most importantly, a large group of middle schoolers from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Los Angeles are just now being introduced to the idea of Harlem Lacrosse for the very first time. Seeing the incredible success of our alums, drives us to make that first practice or academic coaching session, one which they will someday look back on as a transformational moment in their lives. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create that experience for some truly incredible students. We can’t wait to make the 23-24 school year, the very best we’ve ever had at Harlem Lacrosse. 


Mike Levin


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